New Delhi: After facing much embarrassment following Anna Hazare’s mass movement against corruption, the Congress has shifted its gear to damage control mode. Now, instead of relying on the government, the party has decided to trust the discretion of its allies.

To avoid Hazare like movements in the future, the party will take complete control of the leadership. AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi is now playing the main role in the entire process.

Rahul Gandhi has advised youth leaders and MPs to articulate themselves in public. Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is giving tips to them as well.

Also, Congress chief will review the entire situation and decide the future course of action as soon as she comes back to India after completing her treatment.

Top sources in the Congress informed Dainik Jagran that administrative decisions will be taken in a swift manner without ignoring political wisdom. It will also be ensured that any statement given by MP or Congress leader should not showcase rift within the party.

This is the reason why Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, having pure administrative mindsets, were stopped from speaking with the Team Anna.

In a letter to Rahul Gandhi, Congress MP from Bareilly, Praveen Aron, has speculated the plotting of a conspiracy to further worsen the situation within the party. According to sources, Aron’s letter pointed fingers towards Chidambaram and Sibal.

However, the party leadership refuses to agree with Aron’s accusations but is accepting that the party suffered a huge loss due to lapses.

The government is worried over the statement made by Hazare in which he stated that debate on the Lokpal in the Lok Sabha was a half battle won. Hazare wants to bring political reforms, which has made the Congress quite vigilant.

As per Rahul’s statement on corruption, the government will be seen in action and before the Winter Session, the Standing Committee led by Abhishek Manu Singhvi will prepare a new draft the of Lokpal Bill and send it to the Parliament.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to engage Team Anna in the procedure to avoid confrontations.