"(Then) Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh failed to explain the achievements of UPA governments for last ten years to the people," Naik, who lost to BJP candidate Sripad Naik in North Goa constituency, told reporters here.

Both the Goa seats were won by BJP.

"He (Singh) should have gone to every state informing people about the good things done by the UPA governments (UPA I and UPA II). Congress failed to go to the grass-root level with their achievements," said Naik, who was the state Home Minister in the earlier Digambar Kamat Cabinet.

"During recession, UPA government worked to keep the country's economy stable. There are several schemes and laws, like Right to Information, introduced by Congress-led government. The Prime Minister should have explained it to the people," the former MP said.

However, Naik stressed that the current results do not indicate end of the Congress in Goa.

"People will vote Congress to power in 2017 state Legislative Assembly elections. The Manohar Parrikar government's performance for last two years has been negative which is a factor that will work in favour of Congress," he claimed.


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