Kolkata: Mixed reactions have started to pour in after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's decision to change the name of the state from West Bengal to Paschimbanga. Intellectuals and people from the different sections of society have not expressed their affirmation for the new name.

Though consensus was formed by the ruling Trinmool Congrees to christen West Bengal as Paschimbanga, Congress leaders and many prominent personalities of the state raised objection to the proposed new name.

Questioning government's decision for new name, Congress general secretary of the state Dr Omprakash Mishra said that state government can hardly avail administrative advantage by changing the name.

The strongest reaction came from the rebel parliamentarian of Trinmool Congress, Kabeer Suman who asked the difference between West Bengal and Paschimbanga. “We have been using this name for years now. Therefore I am not in the favour of a new name,” said Suman. He rejected new name of the state.

From well known Bengali writer Sunil Ganguly to theatre artiste Kaushik Sen and writer Srishendu Mukopadhya, everyone has expressed his rejection for the new name.

If government claims that the decision was taken to get administrative advantage, the city based personalities say that they find no reason for a change. Prominent Film director Aparna Sen said  the decision has been taken to raise the state alphabetically in the list. Government motive could have been fulfilled if it was only ‘Bengal’ instead of adding ‘Paschim’ to it.

Sen said that she finds no benefit in changing the name to Paschimbanga. Supporting Sen's view, President of Sahitya Academy stated that no matter 'West' has been removed from the original name but still 'Paschim' has been added to it. He expressed his liking for word 'Bengal' for the state.

However, well-known writer Sunanda Sanyal, who is considered close to Mamata has approved Paschimbanga. Even young cricket player Debang Gnadhi liked the new name.

It needs to be mentioned that 'Paschimbanga' was suggested during the tenure of the former Chief Minister of the state Jyoti Basu.