New Delhi: Congress on Friday stepped up attack over BJP chief Nitin Gadkari's controversial business links and rejected any comparison with allegations against Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra, saying he has nothing to do with party and has got a clean chit from Haryana Government.

The AICC also downplayed the controversy surrounding Union Minister Salman Khurshid while projecting that 'all is well' in the Vadra episode.

"Vadra has nothing to do with Congress. Gadkari is President of BJP and is among the contenders of Prime Minister from the Opposition party. There is sea of difference between the allegations levelled against them," party spokesperson Rashid Alvi said.

Taking potshots at the Opposition party over Gadkari's controversial business links, Alvi said that this shows the purpose for which the BJP wants to come to power.

"BJP President has made the country realise the purpose for which the BJP wants to come to power. BJP always said that it was party with a difference. Now after the allegations against Gadkari, we have begun to realise that they are indeed a party with a difference," he said.

The Congress spokesperson recalled that BJP was defending its former president Bangaru Laxman in similar manner, who was later sent to jail by the court in the cash on camera scandal.

Hitting out at L K Advani, who strongly defended Gadkari and congratulated him for seeking an inquiry into the controversy, Alvi said, "It is a matter of great sorrow that all leaders of BJP including the one, who aspires to become Prime Minister, is giving him clean chit and congratulating him."

Alvi at the same time said that Congress was not demanding Gadkari's resignation as who would be the president of a party was it internal affair as the president reflects the ideology of the organisation. Replying to a question, Alvi said that Congress is of the view that any matter, which leads to certain doubts, should be probed.

"There is no double standards. Whatever allegations were levelled against Vadra have been examined by the Haryana government and have given him clean chit after that," he said.

Replying to questions on Gadkari, the Congress spokesperson said that he represents the "true face and ideals" of the BJP.

Asked about the allegations against party's Himachal leader Virbhadra Singh, Alvi said these are baseless and though there has to be a probe, "these cannot be compared to that of against Gadkari against whom there are serious allegations of corruption".

Asked about the controversy surrounding Khurshid's NGO, Alvi said," the charges are against the NGO. The charges are not against the minister".


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