"The advertisements issued by the BJP and Harsh Vardhan are not only distorted but are contrary to the official records regarding polio cases in Delhi. Such a false claim during the operation of Modal Code of Conduct is not permitted," the AICC said in a communication to Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Deo.

A copy of the complaint has also been sent to Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath by AICC legal department secretary KC Mittal in which the party said that all such advertisements and campaign material that show that Harsh Vardhan made Delhi polio-free should be stopped and removed from the city.

Congress said that Harsh Vardhan has been campaigning for himself and his party through such advertisements which are "continuously being broadcast" on FM radio and are "false, misleading and in violation of Modal Code of Conduct".

Alleging that his claim is contrary to the records, the party said that Harsh Vardhan was Health Minister of Delhi prior to 1998.

"It is revealed from the records that in 1998 there were 47 polio cases and in 1999 the number was 73. This by itself would show that his claim is false and misleading," the party said in the letter.

It said that had Delhi been made polio free by BJP in 1998, then the number cases in 1998-1999 would have been nil.

"Even in 1999 the number of cases came to be 73 because of the earlier mismanagement by them. Contrary to his claim, the track record from 2000 onwards would show that the Congress government in Delhi successfully made ‘Delhi Polio Free," the party said citing figures.

Congress claimed that except in 2002 when polio cases were 24, from 2001 to 2009 the cases were less than seven.

"The significant decline in the number of polio cases was due to the efforts of Congress Government. More significantly, from 2010 onwards until 2012 the polio cases in Delhi came to be zero. It is clear that Congress ruling party made the capital city polio fee and not Harsh Vardhan as claimed by him," the party said in its petition to the EC.

Claiming that the advertisement that Harsh Vardhan made 'Delhi Polio free' is contrary to the records, the AICC urged the EC to take "necessary orders" to stop such advertisements and remove hoardings and banners or any other campaign material containing such a slogans in any part of Delhi.

It said that the sub-para (2) of para (1) of Modal Code of Conduct issued by the Election Commission of India categorically prohibits not only distorted claims but prohibits campaign or advertisements or criticism of another political party on unverified facts.


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