In December last year, the party had appointed new heads for its minority departments in 12 states including Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
An AICC release issued by party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said Congress president Sonia Gandhi has approved the names of Khalid Ebdullah, J Aslam Basha, S K Abdul Bari and Minnatullah Rahmani as chairman of the minority department of the party in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Bihar respectively.
According to sources, changes will follow in other states soon as its long overdue. It has been found that the department was not even functional in a number of new states and hence, a decision to thoroughly revamp the minority department in all states has been taken, they said.
In October 2013, the party had appointed Khurshid Ahmed Saiyed, a minority leader from Gujarat, as the Chairman of the AICC Minority Department, replacing Imran Ur Rahman Kidwai, who had held the post for more than eight years.

Saiyed, who is considered a Rahul Gandhi pick, has maintained that a major reshuffle in the minority department is required to make it get going.

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