Porbandar: In an unveiled attack on Congress, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Congress of always using the name of Mahatma Gandhi to fulfill its political agendas but never following his principles in reality. He alleged that the party has only boosted its vote bank in the name of caste and religion.

Gujarat Chief Minister further said, “Congress is always behind me but the people of Gujarat will never trust it.”

“Congress has deviated from Gandhian ideology and divided society on the basis of caste and religion just to boost its vote bank. However, Gujarat has remained unaffected by these tactics,” he added.

On other hand, Congress state chief Modhvadia said, “Modi government has deprived the people here of their rights and is involved only in popularizing an individual image utilizing the state treasury and its machinery.”

Modhvadia expressed surprise that during Modi’s Sadbhavana Mission fast, from state officials to mafia elements came to welcome him, adding that through this gesture what kind of sadbhavana he is spreading.