Akbar also cited the BJP, from September 25 to October 2, will visit constituencies of Congress and Left leaders and inform people that these parties were trying to hinder the growth of the country.

"The Congress is only interested in serving the interest of the family and Rahul Gandhi. They are not interested in the country's growth. They played a cynical ploy to disrupt and sabotage India's growth story. From September 25 to October 2, we will go to each and every constituency of Congress and Left and tell the masses about what they are doing to stop the nation's growth," Akbar told reporters here.

"The Left and the Congress cynically wanted to sabotage India's growth and economy, when the country is feeling optimistic about it. The false charges they raise were an excuse to stop important legislations, especially GST," he added.

Akbar's comments came a day after ending of the four-week Monsoon session of the Parliament which was a virtual washout, delaying legislations, including the crucial GST Bill. Denying charges by Congress that BJP too had played a similar role as an Opposition during the Congress-led UPA government, the BJP leader stated, "There were long debates over legislations like Indo-US nuclear deal, BJP lost on the floor of the Parliament but never disrupted the House.”

"But the anger of the MPs began to rise only after CAG brought out evidence about lakhs of crores being siphoned off in 2G scam...and the Congress was not willing to take action even after CAG gave evidence. Congress Law Minister and Railway Minister had to resign after his relatives were caught with stash of money," he further added.

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