New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday accused the Congress of not being serious about getting the Lokpal bill passed.

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"We want the (Lokpal) bill to be passed, but the Congress is not willing to pass the bill because there is no real intention to fight corruption," BJP Rajya Sabha member Prakash Javadekar said shortly before the Prime Minister began an all-party meeting on the Lokpal bill with Rajya Sabha members.

The meeting started at noon. Exclusion of the Lokayukta from the bill, abolition of minority quota and inclusion of Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha as one of the members of the selection committee are some of the key amendments of the main opposition party.

Javadekar, however, said that ultimately the house will decide if the amendments will be passed or not. "The house will now take the decision, whether they will pass the amendments or not pass the amendments," he said.

Team Anna however said that it was an opportunity for the government to withdraw a "weak bill". "If the PM is really serious (about Lokpal bill) he should withdraw the bill, amend it, make it stronger and then bring it to Lok Sabha," Team Anna member Manish Sisodia said.

"This bill is of no use at all," he said, adding that their campaign will be on till a strong bill is passed. Sisodia had Thursday said that the team  had "no hope" of getting the bill passed, after seeing what happened in the Rajya Sabha during the winter session last December when the bill could not be passed in spite of hours of debate.