“Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are coming here (to campaign for the Assam Assembly elections) ... I challenge the Congress president to say she will stop Bangladeshi infiltration ... She won’t say it.

"Congress is using the Bangladeshi infiltrators as its vote bank," Shah told a poll rally here. The infiltration problem would end in Assam once a BJP government is formed here, he said, adding, “We will seal the Bangladesh border and no infiltrator will be able to step in
"Bangladeshi infiltration problem is not only of Assam but of the entire country,” he said. “I want to ask Rahul Gandhi where was Assam put by Congress at the time of Independence and Partition ? Jawaharlal Nehru had put Assam as Category D state," Shah said contending that Mahatma Gandhi and Gopinath Bordoloi(Assam’s first chief minister) kept Assam within India.
During the Chinese aggression in the 1960s it was Nehru’s responsibility to stand with his soldiers and the people of Assam but he addressed the nation over All India Radio saying 'good bye Assam, good bye Assam'.
The Indian soldiers fought bravely and kept Assam within the Indian map, he said.



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