"If you look state after state, the Congress party is losing a lot of its leaders. I see two particular reasons for it. A party, which has dominated India's politics for six decades and has been in power for almost 50 years or so, has suddenly started taking positions, which mainstream parties
should not take. Their success is now measured by how much they can obstruct.

"Secondly the pitfalls of the leadership, which is not merit based is clearly being reflected.... And one of the principal grievances, a lot of its tall leaders have had, was the inability to communicate with the central decision makers or decision maker," Jaitley said.
Noting that there is still a large number of political parties, which depend upon the "crowd around a family", the Finance Minister said that the strength of these parties will depend on the capacity of that current generation to hold it together. "And I think the Congress is losing out on that," he
Listing the problems being faced by Congress in a number of states like Kerala, Assam, Arunchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the Finance Minister said that the 'shrinking' of Congress base was also happening in Punjab where elections are due next year.
"If you prepare a list of all the big business houses or 20 big business houses before 1991 and compare them with the top 20 in 2016, how many in the list are common.
"The pre-1991 belonged to the family owned companies, beneficiaries of the license regime, those who prevented competition and prevented others from entering. Even if you manufacture an obsolete car, you were near monopoly player because others were all swept.


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