Dehradun: Criticising the UPA government for meeting out step-motherly treatment to non-Congress states, BJP Chief Nitin Gadkari said that the Centre’s decision to stop the industrial package meant for Uttarakhand has driven the state to the verge of poverty. By doing this the Centre has deprived the state of its rights, he added.

While speaking to the media Gadkari said, “It has become a practice of the Centre to behave in such a manner with non Congress states. The public should demand an answer for the reason behind the Centre’s attitude”.

BC Khanduri will remain the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand if the party is voted back to power as he possesses all the qualities required for the position, including vision and transparency, Gadkari said.

Gandkari claimed Uttarakhand has made good progress in the past 10 years in comparison with its parent state Uttar Pradesh and that the BJP government has played a major role in it.

As far as unemployment is concerned, the saffron brigade chief said, “In Uttarakhand, tourism sector can create new avenues for jobs. Besides, the party would also develop the hydro-power sector in the region.”

Referring to the development of Punjab, Gadkari said, “Punjab is progressing under the leadership of the Chief Minister Badal. If the Congress forms a government in the state, it will give rise to corruption, blackmoney and inflation.” 

He also took a dig at the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gnadhi and Rahul Gandhi for the rampant corruption in the country and accused them of stashing blackmoney in Swiss banks.

The BJP chief appealed to the people to vote for a party which can reshape the future of the nation.

(JPN/ Bureau)