Raising the issue soon after the House assembled for the day, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad suggested that the Governor was 'interfering' with the activities of the state government and the Legislature over summoning of Winter Session of the assembly and 'deciding' its agenda 'without the state government requesting for it'.

"Governor of Arunachal Pradesh is behaving like a dictator," Azad said calling it the "most undemocratic thing that had not happened even during the British period".

"The Governor summoned assembly session without consulting the state government or the Chief Minister. Governor himself fixed the agenda and decided that the Assembly Speaker will not preside over the proceedings. This is not within the rights of the Governor,” the Congress leader cited.

"Democracy is being murdered. The same Constitution which you discussed 15 days ago is being shredded into pieces, being buried. Our party will not allow it to happen. The Opposition will not allow it," he said.

As soon as Azad raised the issue, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley disapproved of Parliament discussing a matter concerning a state assembly.

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