BJP said the Congress general secretary had stated facts in his "considered" statement and accused Congress leadership of "forcing" him to clarify after "pressure" exerted on him, even as it welcomed anyone into the party-fold that respected BJP's ideology and principles.
BJP also accused Congress of being in denial mode and asked it to objectively instrospect on reasons of its humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha elections and subsequent assembly polls to understand the public mood in favour of Modi and BJP that has come due to the Indian-ness exhibited by them in touching the common man's interests.
"There is internal rift in the Congress on Dwivedi's statement. This rift is only because there is no inner party democracy in Congress. It is not there today, it never was. We cannot expect Congress to have democracy and shared values of democracy within the party. At the same time, one should speak good words about good deeds by opposition parties or leaders," Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said at a press conference.

The senior BJP leader said what Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said "is based on facts" and the criticism over his statement reflects that Congress party's "family politics and dynastic politics culture and mindset."
"When they are assessing their loss after eight months, still they are in a self denial mode," she said, adding that the criticism over the statement by Congress is like "insulting" the voters of the country who voted BJP and Modi to power.
"It reflects the mindset of the Congress party that Janardan Dwivedi's statement is being condemned by Congress spokesperson. It is a statement which reflects the mindset of flattery. A mindset of not looking at virtues of democracy politics. People who have benefitted from dynastic politics are protesting," Sitharaman said.
Taking exception to Dwivedi's praise for Modi, Congress today hinted that disciplinary action could be taken against its senior-most general secretary even as the 69-year-old Congress leader contended that he had not praised Modi and he was being misquoted.

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