New Delhi: Taking a dig at the BJP, the Congress on Saturday came out with a list of failures of the BJP-ruled MCD. The Congress pointed out 31 failures related to corruption that could severely dampen the poll prospects of the saffron party.

MCD's failure to keep a check on unsafe structures that resulted in a number of building collapses including the ones in Lalitha Park, Chattarpur and Chandni Mahal was raked up by the Congress in a big way.

It also attacked the BJP on the alleged ghost employee scam in the MCD, claiming it costs the exchequer Rs 100 crore per annum. The Congress also accused the BJP of increasing the property tax thereby burdening the common man.

Other issues like hike in parking fees including toll tax charges, inadequate number of parking lots, poor condition of roads, schools and hospitals maintained by the MCD were also raised by the Congress.

The Congress issued the 'white paper' on failure of BJP-ruled MCD at a function where it also released separate manifestos for each of the three new municipal corporations.