"Bihar me Muh ke baal girenge (they will fall flat in Bihar)...much water has flown down the Ganges since 2004," Kumar told reporters.
"Every election has its own story," he said on chances of the new secular alliance of Congress, RJD and LJP repeating its 2004 general elections performance in Bihar, when they had won 34 seats out of 40 in the state.
Kumar said there would be no uniform pattern in the coming Lok Sabha elections in the states.
"In Bihar anti-incumbency of UPA government and good works done by the JD(U) government will decide the results in the Parliamentary polls," he said.
Kumar took a snipe at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi saying that it would be an alliance of idea and not individual to escape negativity of RJD President Lalu Prasad conviction in a fodder scam case.
"It shows they share the idea," he added.
Kumar said there was no anxiety in JD(U) over forging of alliance between Congress and RJD as from the beginning we knew that they have been together in the UPA alliance and their bonding was natural.