"Shazia Ilmi, even in the past, had made a spoof of a senior person like Home Minister of India. Kejriwal's party…… is a party of anarchists,” Congress spokesman Randeep Surejwala said.

Muslims should become 'communal' when they vote: Shazia

Ilmi was at the centre of a controversy on Tuesday over her remarks that Muslims should become ‘communal’ for their own good when they vote this time and not be ‘too secular’.

In the video, which surfaced on Tuesday, Ilmi said that Muslims' votes split as they were ‘too secular’ and they ‘should become communal’ and vote keeping in mind ‘our own interest’.

"Don't be much secular. Muslims are too secular and they should become communal. They are not communal and do not vote for themselves. Arvind Kejriwal is ours. Muslims have remained secular for long...have voted for the Congress and helped them win. Don't be so secular and look at your house this time,” Ilmi, the AAP candidate from Ghaziabad, said.

"Other parties have their votebank intact and Muslim votes split. This is a controversial statement but we should look at our own interest,” she added in the video in which she is having a conversation with members of the Muslim community.

The Aam Aadmi Party later distanced itself from the controversial remarks, saying it does not endorse her views. However, Ilmi stood by her comments, which, she said is ‘play of words’.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s response came hours after a video of Ilmi's comments went viral on social media and the footage shown on TV channels.


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