"Till day before yesterday, they had not asked for the recognition from the Speaker and have been going around criticising the government. They seem to have given a letter only day before yesterday," he said.
"This blame game is not going to help. They should understand. They have so much to answer. There was no Leader of Opposition during Jawaharlal Nehru's period," he said, adding, there was none during Indira Gandhi's or Rajiv Gandhi's tenures too.
A decision on the Leader of Opposition will be taken by the Speaker soon, he said. "There are precedents, conventions and rules and regulations through which Speaker decides such things."
Asked whether the government will offer Deputy Speaker's post to AIADMK, Naidu said, "We have not offered (to AIADMK). We are discussing it. We are thinking of giving Deputy Speaker's position to the Opposition - which party... because there are number of parties in the opposition also."
On Hizbul Mujahideen's reported threat against five individuals in Jammu and Kashmir, Naidu said terrorists and their masters will not be allowed to do what they want to.
"They want to create some panic, and at the same time Government of India is alive to the situation. They are taking all steps that are required to maintain peace and security in the country," he said.
On Congress' remarks that the budget is a continuity of the previous regime, Naidu said continuity is required for growth as coming to power does not mean the new government should cancel everything what the Congress did or UPA did.

"Whatever they could not do we are trying to improve upon that, and we have come out with our vision," he said.
He accused Congress leaders of indulging in double speak over the budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
"On one hand, Congress President (Sonia Gandhi) says that it is a copy of UPA policies and on the other hand, Congressmen are condemning the budget. How can these two things go together? This is nothing but double-speak as usual," he said.
On the opposition taking jibe at "Acche Din" slogan, the Minister said good days do not come in one night, but the beginning has been made in this direction by drafting a roadmap to bring the economy back on track.


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