Hooda said if the decision had to be taken by him and if the matter was left to him, he would take the decision, "so that the people are benefited".
However, he clarified that this was his personal opinion.
"My personal opinion is that the Congress should unconditionally support them so that they (AAP) can form the government and deliver promises to the people on power, water and other issues," Hooda said.
In a stunning performance AAP decimated the ruling Congress in Delhi polls winning 28 seats of 70 while BJP bagged 31 and Congress 8. Both AAP and BJP do not have majority to form the government on their own and Kejriwal has ruled out giving any support to BJP for the purpose.
On AAP's preparations to contest Haryana assembly polls next year, Hooda said, "Every person has the right and freedom to contest. In democracy, whosoever gets majority forms the government."


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