New Delhi: Manpreet Singh Badal who floated a new party PPP to overthrow the SAD-BJP government in Punjab has proved to be a blessing in disguise for SAD. The Congress on the other hand has understood that the votes which could have changed its fate in the state were drifted towards PPP, a reason of its abysmal performance. 

Manpreet’s Punjab People’s Party was earlier considered to be a great threat for ruling SAD-BJP government by political pundits, but proving all the speculations wrong, the coalition romped back to power trouncing the Congress to create a history.

Expressing surprise over the party’s defeat, Congress President Sonia Gandhi attributed the debacle to formation of PPP.  “The PPP’s intrusion into our votes is one of the reasons for the Congress being routed.” Gandhi said.

Congress lost around 23 seats in the state due to the PPP claiming the anti- SAD votes. Had PPP not been formed, those votes could have gone in favour of the Congress.

“Over two dozen of seats were lost by a thin margin of 30 to 1500 votes especially in urban areas. These votes went in favour of PPP which cost the party dearly.” Gulchaen Singh Charak, a Congress leader in the state said. 

Congress lost nine assembly seats of Jalandhar by slight margins.

Earlier, Congress was upbeat after Manpreet Singh parted ways with SAD to form his own party. Strategists of Congress were of the view that Manpreet’s turning defiant will help party oust SAD-BJP government. But the results backfired.

PPP garnered some support in urban constituencies which were considered as Congress bastions.