"Dismissiveness and disregard for people's issues has become a hallmark of Modiji's government. He should understand that autocracy is not the way forward, assimilation of ideas is. Modiji only speaks, he has no faith in listening to or understanding others,” AICC Communication Department Chief Randeep Surjewala told reporters here.

"Prime Minister is an expert in one-way communication. He is a specialist in blaming others for his own failures," he added.

Speaking separately, another Congress spokesperson, Anand Sharma, said, "Had the PM given up his confrontationist (sic) mindset, then there would have been better atmosphere inside and outside the Parliament. Government's arrogance did not let Parliament function."

The remarks by the Congress leaders came after PM Modi launched a blistering attack on Congress over disruptions of Parliament sessions, saying that having "enjoyed power" for over six decades, the main opposition has no right to destroy its functioning for "political reasons" and hold back the country's development.

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