In his concluding address at the two-day national executive meet of the party, Modi cited the NDA government was for the poor and weaker sections of society and cited several schemes and decision of the Centre to drive home his point.

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“We are accused of being a government for the rich but the truth is that the previous UPA government worked for the rich. Was a government, which allocated coal blocks on the basis of a note, not for the rich?” he asked, referring to the coal scam in which several blocks were allegedly given away to a select few.

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The UPA government had sold the nation to benefit the rich and wasted the money of the poor on the wealthy. Government had earned Rs two lakh crore by auctioning only 20 coal blocks and this money had come from the pockets of the same rich people. did the BJP government work for the rich?” Modi sought, according to a BJP statement.

Stressing the pro-poor credentials of his government, Modi added his it will provide LPG connection to one crore poor households and noted that it brought down the gas price to below five dollar per unit after the UPA government had increased it to 8.4 dollar from 4.2 dollar.

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