New Delhi: Congress on Wednesday hit out at Anna Hazare saying he should not call himself Gandhian as he justified slapping.

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Slap when can’t tolerate graft: Anna

Safe to trust people than MP: Team Anna   

"It is unfortunate that a man like him, who is so experienced, is speaking in favour of propagating violence. He should not call himself Gandhian because these views are not in line with Mahatma Gandhi's ideology. It is unfortunate that he is supporting violence," party spokesperson Renuka Chaudhary said.
She was reacting to Hazare's remarks that a person is left with no option but to slap when his power of tolerance of corruption runs out.
Talking to reporters in his native village Ralegaon Siddhi on Tuesday night, Hazare said, "when a man's power of tolerance runs out, then whoever is in front of you, if a slap is given, then the brain is put back in place. That is the only road open now".
Hazare made the remarks after watching the Hindi film 'Gali Gali Chor Hai' based on the common man's fight against corruption.
On November 24 last year, Hazare had sparked a row by appearing to approve of the slapping of Union Minister Sharad Pawar by a youth in Delhi. He had, however, later condemned the attack on Pawar.
Condemning Hazare's remarks, AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh said his respect for Hazare has "gone down" after this statement.
"I had always believed him (Hazare) to be a Gandhian, a practitioner of non-violence. But with the kind of violent streak he is showcasing, my respect for him has declined. I condemn the statement," Singh said.
Union Minister Sachin Pilot also found Hazare's remarks "contrary to the essence of our culture".

SP not answerable to Team Anna: Party spokesman
The Samajwadi Party said it was answerable to people and not to Team Anna whom it termed as a self-proclaimed organisation of five members.
Replying to a letter written by Anna Hazare seeking to know its future stance on ties with the Congress and the BJP, the SP said as a political party it was answerable to people only.
"You should know that being a political party, the SP is answerable to people and not to a self-proclaimed organisation of five members who themselves are not clean," party spokesman Ramgopal Yadav said.
"Neither you nor your team represents 125 crore people of the country despite that you wanted to know why the SP walked out of the Parliament during the Lokpal Bill discussion and also the future stance of the party with regard to the BJP and the Congress.
"I want to know in which "haisiyat" (status), you are asking this question," Yadav said in his party's reply to Hazare.
If the Team Anna felt that the Samajwadi Party would take its political decisions on their advice, it is their misconception, he said.
The SP's reply to Hazare's letter, which was received by it on January 22, said the party supported the issues raised by him (Hazare) but it was disappointed as he was seeing it with suspicion.
"If you remember, I have said from your platform at the Jantar Mantar that you should not press for acceptance of all the points of Jan Lokpal Bill.
"It is the Parliament which will pass the Lokpal bill," Yadav said.
 Pointing out that the campaign against graft initiated by Hazare was deviating from its target, Yadav said this might be the reason that people who participated in a large number in New Delhi's agitation did not turn up in Mumbai.
Claiming the letter was leaked to media before it reached the party, he said it seemed the move was aimed at gaining publicity.

 "We advice you not to doubt everyone on the basis of your aspirations and irrelevant political sermons," Yadav said.