Lucknow: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday accused the Congress and the Samajwadi Party (SP) of playing vote bank politics in Uttar Pradesh due to their "desperate" situation in the coming Assembly polls there.

The party also alleged that the Congress manifesto referring to Babri mosque was a contempt of court and it would seek legal advice on the issue.

"What was the need today to introduce religion based politics...Congress is doing all this with the eye on assembly polls," BJP president Nitin Gadkari said.

He claimed that out of political interest Congress was talking about nine percent reservation and SP about 18 percent quota purely to derive political advantage.

"Congress is in a desperate situation and can do anything to win the polls," Gadkari said.

On Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid Maulana Bukhari's appeal in favour of the Samajwadi Party, he said that it was the dream of Mulayam Singh Yadav to crown his son Akhilesh the CM. Congress president Sonia Gandhi was also keen on making Rahul Prime Minister.

"For vote bank they can do anything," he alleged.

The BJP president said, "From the High Court order it is clear which place is the birth place of Lord Ram...despite this Congress terming it as the Babri mosque is contempt of court".

He said that the court has said this with clarity about Ram Janmbhoomi and the matter was pending in the Supreme Court.

"By terming it a disputed site and talking about its protection, Congress has insulted the court and this is against the spirit of its order," Gadkari said.

"We will seek legal advice as it amounts to contempt of court," he said.

Gadkari said, "Lord Ram is the symbol of integrity of the entire country. It's not about Hindu and Muslim. BJP is of the view that a grand temple should be constructed with the contribution of all. This is the wish of all people of the country".

"After the court's order, Congress should have taken a lead and suggested the way for paving the path for construction of the temple and take credit," Gadkari said.

"Congress leaders never went to the house of martyr of Batla house encounter Mohan Chand Sharma even once, but they went to Azamgarh to visit the house of terrorists. Despite court orders Afzal Guru has not been hanged till date," he said.

On the issue of minority reservation, Gadkari further said that the Congress does not have any regard for Nehru. "In the constituent assembly all including Nehru, Sardar Patel, Dr Ambedkar and Mulana Azad opposed religion-based reservation".

On his party's prospects in Assembly elections in five states, Gadkari said that BJP worked on the principle of collective leadership and prestige of all was at stake.

"BJP is not the party of mother-son or father-son. It is a democratic party. We all work collectively on the principle of collective leadership," he said.

He said that it was only in BJP where common workers like him become the national president and a farmer's son can become a Chief Minister.

"This is the USP of the party. In the assembly polls prestige of all is at stake, especially workers. If we emerge victorious all will be included in that," he said.

Gadkari claimed that in UP elections BJP would emerge as number one as there was a clear and massive undercurrent in its favour.

"It is clear that we will achieve majority on our strength," he added.

On prospective CM candidate in UP, BJP president said that the decision would be taken by the elected representatives.

"I have said this time and again that we are contesting elections in a collective leadership of Rajnath Singh, Kalraj Mishra, Uma Bharati and Surya Pratap Shahi. Selection of CM would be done by the elected representatives," he said.