New Delhi: Amid the higher inflation and government’s failure in tackling corruption, the Congressmen fear the threat of internal security given the newly appointed Home Minister’s style of handling the ministry.

That is why both ministers of states Jitendra Singh and Mulapally Ramchandran have been asked to be more active. They will be assigned more work and made more accountable.

Post- Mumbai attack, P Chidambaram was given charge of the Home Minister under whose tenure terror attack continued to take place in the country but the government had not to take defensive mode on this front.

Just after the appointment of Shushilkumar Shinde as the new Home Minister of country, serial blasts had rocked Pune. The incident instilled fear in the Congress camp. Moreover, as the leader of the Lok Sabha Shinde faced huge embarrassment in the House.

The highly placed sources in the Congress said that the country witnessed the surge in the naxal and other attacks during the tenure of Chidambaram but at the same time foreign sponsored terror attacks were on the wane.

If a terror attack occurs during the Shinde’s tenure as the Home Minister, the Government will face difficulty in handling the Opposition.

The Congress leadership has directed all its spokespersons to defend Shinde. Following which, party spokesperson Renuka Choudhary said that Shinde would be the best Home Minister. Interestingly Congress has promoted the prominent dalit face of the party as the new Home Minister of the country so that it could blunt the edge of questions on internal security.


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