New Delhi: Eying a sure shot victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress is counting on the extremely backward classes, Dalits, Muslims and extreme Dalits in the state. And now it is planning to woo the tribals of Purvanchal region.

As a result of the party’s efforts, dozens of representatives of different tribal districts of Purvanchal who came to the capital joined the party on Wednesday.

Former MLA from Dudhi Vijay Singh Gaur with Congress leader Rajeshpti Tripathi and representatives from Sonbhadra, Mirzapur, Varanasi, Ghazipur, Mau, Jaunpur, Mahrajagnj, Allahabad, Basti and Deoria districts were incorporated into the party by Congress Working Committee member and Uttar Pradesh Screening Committee Chairman Mohan Prakash.

Mohan Prakash assured the tribals of safeguarding their interests while the representatives promised their support for the upcoming elections and pledged not to contest against any Congress candidate in future.

Mohan Prakash said, “After a long time, the higher castes along with the backward classes and Dalits are looking up to the Congress. With inclusion of tribal representatives, the party will gain firm ground in the Purvanchal region.” He added, the Dalit community is also admiring Congress on the inclusion of tribals.