"30 days report card of his government presented through a blog by the Prime Minister is full of pessimism and reflects tendency to criticise all institutions instead of ensuring course correction," Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala told reporters.

He wanted to know the internal dissensions and challenges that Modi is facing within 30 days of taking over the charge and the reasons behind it.

"India wants to know... whether centralisation of power is the reason for this internal dissension," he asked and hit out at the government for the rail fare hike and rise in sugar prices.

He also took a jibe at Modi over his remark that the government did not have the ‘luxury’ of a ‘honeymoon period’.

“The Prime Minister’s post in our democratic set up is that of supreme responsibility and honour. Description of this post through phraseology like 'honeymoon' goes against the very tenets of our democratic set up... Instead of accusing the media and other institutions, the Prime Minister needs to rise above the mindset of honeymoon period," he said.

Taking a jibe at Modi’s remarks about ‘serious hard work’ during the last 30 days, he raised a series of questions seeking to project the NDA government in poor light.

"Whether this hard work has been directed at delaying the implementation of the historical Food Security act?... Whether this decision is not anti-poor and reflective of insensitivity of Modi government," he asked.

Claiming that the promised good days have evaporated in thin air within 30 days, he wondered whether the ‘hard work’ has been directed at making unconstitutional and unwarranted interference in the appointment of top most judges of the Supreme Court.

"Whether the hard work has been directed at seeking revenge and belittling one of the most respected jurist of the Supreme Court who had taken an independent stand against Gujarat government and Amit Shah as a Supreme Court appointed counsel in matters like Sohrabuddin..." he wondered.


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