"The Congress has become habituated in enjoying power (alone). Their leaders think that they were born to be in power and can fool the people of India with their false promises," Modi said, addressing a rally in west Delhi's Dwarka, attended by residents, mostly from the area's unauthorized colonies.

"All the policies Congress makes is for the sake of winning elections, their policies are not for development. They can never do anything for the country," he said at the rally that covered 10 assembly constituencies of west Delhi and two of south Delhi - Palam and Bijwasan.

He also said the national capital was worse off than many smaller cities. "The Congress government is in power for 15 years but has not been able to supply water to its citizens. They spent crores of rupees in cleaning the Yamuna but the river remains dirty. I invite this elite club to see the Sabarmati riverfront in Gujarat and see the difference," he said.

“When people asked me about the Gujarat model, these are the modest models one is talking about. And to do them, one does not to go to international universities; you can do them just being a son of the soil," he said in a dig at what he called "Delhi's elite club" which was finding it difficult to accept him.

"I am a farmer's son and don't belong to the elite class," he said as the crowd cheered, applauded and whistled.

He also cited how Gujarat had solved its water crisis by building giant pipelines that brought water from the Narmada, on the border with Madhya Pradesh, to 9,000 odd villages and soldiers guarding the desert frontier with Pakistan who were earlier supplied with water through camels.

Comparing Delhi with Gujarat, Modi further gave the example of the BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) which he said was successfully implemented but failed miserably in Delhi.

"I sent the proposal of the BRT to the central government but they cheekily implemented it first in Delhi to take credit. But it failed here. I invite all of you to Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities in Gujarat where it is operating flawlessly," he said.


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