Dehra Dun: The ruling Congress is going ahead with its plans to nominate an Anglo-Indian member to the Uttarakhand Assembly despite opposition from BJP.

Congress sources said the Bahuguna government has not yet announced any name but A V Gardner, a former MLA, is understood to be the front runner.

Karen Mayor, who was also offered the membership by a section of top Congress leaders, has, however, turned down the proposal saying she would remain with the BJP.

"I am with BJP from the bottom of my heart," said Mayor, who was nominated by BJP in the previous Assembly. Karen, however, thanked Congress leaders for considering her name.

"As of now, the name of Gardner is final," said a Congress leader. With the Congress facing a crisis, BJP had earlier asked Governor Margaret Alva not to allow the ruling party to nominate an MLA from Anglo-Indian community in the legislative assembly at this stage.

"This is not a healthy tradition to send an Anglo-Indian to the Vidhan Sabha at a time when all the Congress MLAs have not taken oath," state BJP chief Bishan Singh Chufal said.

BJP leaders led by Chufal led a party delegation to the Raj Bhavan on March 18 to register its protest on the issue.

Chufal reiterated that Congress must prove its majority in the House before taking any decision on the Anglo-Indian quota.