"It feels that it would have been proper to bring all non-BJP parties on one platform. Results in Jharkhand would have been much better for us in that scenario. BJP has got only 30 percent or so votes while non-BJP parties together have polled almost 70 percent votes," party spokesperson Ajoy Kumar told reporters here.
On the party's performance in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections, he said, "In Jammu and Kashmir we have done reasonably well, though we have lost two-three seats from what we had got in last elections. But that is expected after such a massive drubbing in Lok Sabha polls.
"All exit polls had written us off but from that aspect Congress has improved its position than that in Lok Sabha polls," Kumar added. Replying to questions on supporting PDP to form the next
government in J&K, he said that the ball is in PDP's court now.
"PDP should come and ask for it. We have been with the PDP alliance earlier. We are open for that. It is for the PDP to respond to... We are not averse to it. But they have to come and seek (support) it," he said.

He said the issue of support can be decided after talks between leaders and back-channel negotiations must happen so that both sides can reach an agreement on issues.
"If those agreements are there, I do not think this is an issue...We are open to having a discussion with the PDP on government formation," the Congress spokesperson said.
He said that the PDP should think about "preventing communal forces, parties like the BJP" from entering into an agreement with it but it is "they, who have to think of an alliance with Congress to keep communal forces at bay."

Maintaining that his party's aim is to provide a government that works for the development of the state, Kumar made it clear that, "formal communication with PDP has not been started as yet."

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