With Congress continuing to disrupt Parliament accusing the government of resorting to 'political vendetta' targeting its leaders, Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs M Venkaiah Naidu hit back, saying it was posing a 'danger to democracy' by making Parliament 'dysfunctional'.

Naidu rejected Rahul's contention that the case was "100 per cent vendetta coming out of the PMO" and wondered if the Congress vice president was attacking former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh because the case was filed when the UPA was in power.

He told a press conference that Subramanian Swamy, a BJP leader who is the complainant in the case, was not in the saffron party when he had lodged it. Democracy is indeed in danger and there is indeed vendetta, he said wryly, accusing Congress of taking 'revenge' on people for its Lok Sabha poll defeat by trying to stall development by blocking Parliament.

Naidu said, "Congress is thinking that it is hurting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But it is wrong because it is hurting India." For Congress to accuse the government of practising tyranny is like a man crying at becoming an orphan after killing his parents, he said.

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