Bhopal: Observing that Anna Hazare had already ‘cleared the air’ on links between himself and Sangh Parivar, former RSS chief K Sudarshan on Sunday accused Congress of purposefully using the name of the saffron organisation to target the anti-corruption movement.

"The UPA government was hit by Anna's movement and hence it was just using the Sangh Parivar to defame it. Anna's movement is attracting popular support as it is against corruption with which the people are fed up," Sudarshan told reporters here in an informal chat.

Against the backdrop of reports in a section of media linking Hazare with RSS leader Nanaji Deshmukh, Sudarshan said, "Hazare had himself cleared on a television programme about the links between his team and the Sangh parivar".

Asked about alleged corruption in various BJP-ruled states including Madhya Pradesh, the former RSS chief replied, "It must not be forgotten that even people from the Sangh parivar come from society".

He also expressed concern over increasing use of English in mainstream Hindi newspapers and in Hindi-speaking states.

In an informal talk with reporters here, the former RSS Chief said, "The use of English in Hindi newspapers would spoil the language for future generations.

"Use of English words which had been accepted colloquially in Hindi may be acceptable but one cannot accept the use of those English words for which Hindi equivalents were easily available".

He hailed the use of Hindi language in certain daily sops.