New Delhi: Congress on Thursday hailed as "landmark" a judgement of the Supreme Court rejecting a petition against Rahul Gandhi over alleged confinement of a girl, cautioning that baseless allegations are dangerous for politics.

Insisting for taking a comprehensive view of the order, party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said, "it is dangerous for politics the way today very cheap, very low level allegations are bring traded in the political arena."

Dwivedi, who is also AICC media department Chairperson, said that the Apex Court found that the petitioner had abused the process of the court in order to "wrongly and deliberately malign and damage" the public image and reputation of Gandhi.

He said that the court had cited 16 reasons for abuse of court by the petitioner including putting forth falsehoods, misstatement of the facts and even filling incorrect sworn affidavits before the Supreme Court.

Dwivedi said the Supreme Court dismissed with heavy cost the "false, frivolous and politically motivated" petition against Gandhi in a "landmark judgement" in which heavy cost of Rs 10 lakh have been imposed against the petitioners by the Court.

"There was no illegal detention or rape by Gandhi and the allegations are false, entirely without substance and without even an iota of evidence," Dwivedi said quoting from the court order.

A senior leader pointed out that a CBI investigation against the petitioner is to continue and the CBI is report to the court within six months including on the contradictory stand taken by the petitioner Kishore Samrite before the Supreme Court.

The leader was asked about Samrite's earlier statement that he resorted to the complaint at the behest of the Samajwadi Party's top leadership. Mulayam Singh Yadav's party is a crucial outside supporter of the government especially after parting of ways by Trinamool Congress.


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