Noida: Launching a scathing attack on the Congress, Yog Guru Ramdev said that the party would come to terms with reality after Assembly polls. He said that Congress’ condition in Uttar Pradesh is worse than it was in Bihar.

While flaying remarks on the Congress, Ramdev said, “The Congress has only cheated on the people. Throughout the election phases, its ministers have kept on challenging the poll panel."

“The public is angry over corruption and blackmoney issue. And this angst is coming out in the form of increased polling percentage,” he said.

Ramdev further said, “The Congress has no feeling for the woman who died in Ramlila Maidan crackdown. But its party supremo is shedding tears after seeing the body of terrorists.”      

Attacking the Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh Ramdev said, “The dirt of Madhya Pradesh is polluting this place too.”

(JPN/ Bureau)