"The Congress is the army of Kauravas and the Pandavas (BJP) are ready to root them out," Raje said addressing a rally at Mangrole in Baran district.
The state BJP president today addressed four rallies - at Mangrole, Sameraniya (Kishangang), Atru and Chabra – in the district ahead of the December 1 Assembly polls.
Addressing the rally in Mangrole, Raje appealed to the people to vote in favour of her party to end the corrupt rule of Congress in the state.
Slamming the Congress for its anti-farmer policies, the BJP leader said, "By allowing the sale of fertilizers at a higher price, the ruling Congress has exploited the farmers."
Raje also alleged that the local Congress MLA had got into a secret agreement with insurance companies to deny the farmers of enough compensation for crop loss due to recent rains.
"The farmers of the region suffered 70 percent damage to their crops due to heavy rains, but the insurance companies pegged the losses at 30 percent," she said, adding that even the miscalculated amount of compensation has not reached the farmers so far.
During her 20-minute speech at Chabra, Raje tried to woo the Gujjar community by promising reservation and youth voters by promising 15 lakh jobs.
She said that the manifesto of the Congress is ‘a bundle of lies’ and alleged that the Ashok Gehlot-led government has failed to implement its promises made in previous manifesto.
Raje also promised to remove the compulsory Teachers Eligibility Test for recruitment to the post of teachers in government schools.


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