Tharoor also termed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's address at a farmer's rally here as a "new boost" to the party's momentum.

Tharoor, a Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, said the party had been "very constructive in parliament" and had supported the BJP-led NDA on the insurance bill.

"We supported those issues which we believe were in the national interest. We believe the amendments in the land acquisition bill are not in the national interest; and we will oppose it tooth and nail in whatever forums that are available to us; in this case the committees as well as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha," Tharoor said.

He said: "Whenever they (government) brings in anything that is divisive or confrontational, we will rise to the challenge; where they are doing things we are willing to consider positively we'll be constructive.”

"We are not like the BJP that brought a no confidence motion against the UPA government, while as we know from WikiLeaks, simultaneously assuring American envoys that they really did not mean it. That kind of hypocrisy in the opposition we don't have," he said.

To a question on Rahul Gandhi's speech at a farmers' rally, his first after his 56-day-long absence, Tharoor said Congress workers "felt very inspired and positive about" the development.

"My impression is that we have not only had a success, but the momentum when that has already begun with Sonia Gandhi's efforts earlier, when we marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan earlier; that momentum has been given a new boost by what's happened today; and it will continue. Parliament is also starting," he said.

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