Ahmedabad: Registering a thumping win in the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation election has not only boosted Congress’ confidence in the Modi-dominated state but has also signalled people’s decreasing faith in the ruling party, believes Congress.

Gujarat Congress chief Arjun Modhwadia credits his party’s victory to the increasing disbelief and mistrust of the people towards the Modi government.

He said, “From our victory it is clear that Modi government is no longer trusted by the people in the state and Gandhinagar has conveyed this message to the six million people residing in Gujarat.”

Addressing a press conference at Congress headquarters in Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan here, Modhwadia said, in bye-lection for Khadia seat of Legislative Assembly,Congress had lost to BJP by a very low margin, but the people of Gandhinagar have declared their mandate by supporting Congress in the Municipal election.

He added, “The BJP held several programmes and festivals like Vibrant Gujarat, Kite festival, Shardotsav, Navratri Mahaotsav and Mahatma Mandir celebration to woo the voters, but the poll results clearly show that people cannot bluffed by these tactics. Rather, they have voted against the corrupt government.”

Arjun accused the government of compelling the state cable operators to telecast pre-poll results in favour of BJP.

Hailing Congress, former deputy Chief Minister Narhari Amin said, “The victory of Congress in Modi’s home turf and also in Advani’s constituency is an ample proof of Congress’ rise to power in Gujarat.”

Despite BJP’s force in the Municipal elections, the party failed to register the victory, he added.

(JPN/ Bureau)