Referring to government's move to amend the Land bill to give flexibility to states to frame their own laws in a bid to break the impasse in Parliament, he said the Prime Minister has understood that he cannot push farmers, after the agrarians showed their strength.
"We have not even showed 10 per cent of the strength of farmers of India. And the Prime Minister suddenly understood that he cannot push the farmers of this country," he said.
Addressing a rally here during his foot march, he said, "The unwritten promise, the promise that the Prime Minister did not tell was that he has told his friends that he would take land away from the farmers."
"The Congress took a stand in Parliament and will not let the Prime Minister take away land of farmers that easily. The Congress and the farmers of this country decided to show a little bit of their power to the Prime Minister," Rahul, who is on a 10 km-long 'padyatra' from a village in the district to highlight the issues faced by farmers and women Self-Help Groups, said.
The Congress Vice President also said the Prime Minister has changed his mind after the fight of farmers, which was fought by the Congress.
"The Congress fought for farmers. We fought with the Government and Prime Minister. And the Prime Minister and the government have changed their mind about the land bill," he said, adding that the Congress was not scared of anybody.

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