New Delhi: State governments have come to consensus on imposing flat 6 percent road tax on two-wheelers and cars across the country. Apart from this it has been decided that annual national permit fees on trucks will be enhanced to Rs 16,500 from Rs 15,000 annually.  For a two year old vehicle, there will not be any additional tax while going to different state. Road Transport and Highways Minister C P Joshi has informed about these decisions being taken in 34th meeting of Transport Development Council.

Decision on having uniformity in road tax on car and two-wheelers across the country has been taken in the meeting. State governments have also nodded on implementing online process for tax collection. A committee will be constituted for implementation of these propositions. Consensus has been attained on collecting 6 percent floor rate on vehicle’s cost.

Dr joshi has said, “Due to lower tax structure, people from Haryana and Rajasthan were doing vehicle’s registration in Chandigarh. This problem also existed in several other states. After decision on floor tax rate pan India, this problem will be sorted out.”
While crossing states, tourist buses also used to be affected by disparity in tax structure in different states. Collectively pan India, states used to raise a small amount of Rs 40 crore from tax on tourist buses. Hence, states have been advised to discontinue this tax. In return, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will be told to develop better roads to tourist places in states. 

According to Joshi, two years back uniform national permit fees of Rs 15,000 had been implemented in accordance with states with a clause that in case of loss to state governments it will be increased to Rs 20,000. After the implementation of uniform national permit fees pan India, governments of Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Haryana, Goa and Daman Diu were accounting revenue loss. Transport organizations were ready to increase national permit fees by 8 percent. Afterwards consensus formed on increasing national permit fees by 10 percent.