It is disappointing that the Centre has once again failed to build a consensus with non-Congress state governments over National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC). Though the Home Minister P Chidambaram assured of resolving the matter, it seems very unlikely. Already aware of the opposition faced, the government till now should have come out with a plan that would have been acceptable to all and expedited the setting up of the NCTC. This showcases the government’s indecisiveness in fighting naxalism, terrorism and extremism. The manner in which TMC Chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee along with other Chief Ministers opposed the NCTC indicates that the government was unprepared and therefore failed to put up a strong defence. Interestingly, the ruling party in J&K which is an ally of the UPA also opposed the NCTC. All this points towards some discrepancies in the NCTC but it is surprising that the Congress ruled states are not critical of it. Whatever the reason may be but why hasn’t the government been able to resolve the matter so far?

It is alarming that a number of Chief Ministers have raised doubts over government’s intentions. If the Chief Ministers are to be believed then the Centre is trying to infringe on their rights and arm itself with powers that could be later misused by them. The government has to realize that the regional parties have grown in stature and will not support any move that threatens to curb their rights. On the contrary the opposition put up by regional parties indicates that they want to dictate terms. Undoubtedly there should not be any infringement on the rights of the states but this issue should not be put above matters of national importance. If the Centre and the state governments don’t stand together in fighting extremism then where can we expect them to build consensus.