While people have pinned high hopes on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to salvage the prestige of the UPA government in the anti-corruption campaign, his statement in both houses of the Parliament on the arrest of Anna Hazare has come as a major disappointment and an issue of concern. Yet to realize the gravity of the mistake committed by his government, the PM appears to be completely alien to the ground realities. It is hilarious to say the least, even though the Government is busy committing one mistake after the other, the PM is trying to depict that everything is being carried out in a lawful manner. After how many examples of defame will the Union Government come to terms with the reality about it’s deteriorating reputation and the fact that it has become a laughing stock in the world. After being under flak from all corners for the arrest of Anna Hazare, the effort of the Prime Minister to defend Delhi police action reflects the rigid dogma of the Union Government. Can there be anything more worse than the fact that a Prime Minster is trying to justify the conditions raised by Delhi police which in every sense are obnoxious signs of the totalitarian system? It is not surprising that the PM has opposed the Jan Lokpal Draft, but how can he support the government version of the  Lokpal Draft? It is an ineffective draft and a testimony to the act of deceit on the masses. Owing to this toothless version of draft, people have been compelled to arrive at a conclusion that the Centre is purposely trying to avoid the creation of an effective mechanism to counter corruption. Does the Union Government have any answer to the question on why after making tall claims to fight corruption, it has come with a flimsy draft. Due to this act of treachery, people have come to the streets to express their resentment.

Irrespective of the tall claims made by the Centre to tackle corruption, the Union Government has done nothing which could assure the masses on it’s steadfastness on the issue. Meanwhile, the Civil Society should also remember it’s limitations as the Parliament is the sole body to frame laws. Even if the Civil Society members are up in arms against the imposition of an ineffective and preposterous Lokpal, they do not have the right to impose the Jan Lokpal Bill on the Parliament. There are certain rules of democracy which have to be kept in mind while finding an amicable solution to the somber issue. When the Centre has already surrendered before the Anna Hazare led Civil Society team, the emphasis should be on finding the path to create an effective anti-graft mechanism. Undoubtedly, the responsibility of finding the path is of the ruling alliance, but it does not mean that the role of the Opposition should be confined to criticising the Government. How will the deadlock end between the political outfits, if the Opposition following the footsteps of the ruling alliance will maintain that it is not in favour of the Jan Lokpal. Therefore, it has not only become essential but mandatory for political leadership and Civil Society as well to hold fresh round of deliberations without the intent of deceit.