Terence Tao

(IQ: 230)

Tao is a 'Mozart of Maths' and is probably the smartest lad on the planet at this moment.

Tao who is an Australia child prodigy used to teach five-year old kids how to spell when he himself was just two-year old.

Moreover, by the time he turned 10 he was writing International Maths Olympiads.

At the age of 16, he had earned his Bachelor followed by Master degree. Four year later, he completed his Ph.D.


Christopher Hirata

(IQ: 225)

Hirata was 13 years old when he became the youngest US citizen to receive an International Physics Olympiad Gold Medal.

Hirata started studying at the California Institute of Technology at 14 and was working for NASA, on human accommodations on Mars, at the age of 16

Currently, he's a professor at The Ohio State University with specialties in dark energy, gravitational lensing, the cosmic microwave background, galaxy clustering and general relativity.


Kim Ung-Yong

(IQ: 210)

Kim has been sustaining an IQ square of over 200 since the age of four.  

He is a former Guinness World Record holder for highest IQ and is currently a civil engineer in Korea.

Kim started his university education at the age of three and received a Ph.D in Physics at the age of 16 from the Colorado State University.


Richard Rosner

(IQ: 190)

Rosner Rosner claims to have been employed as a stripper, doorman, male model and waiter.

He has written for several TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and is highly known for his appearance in 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' in the year 2000.

Ronser believes in competition and winning as despite bagging the second position in the World Genius Directory’s 2013 Genius of the Year Award behind after Greek psychiatrist Evangelos Katsioulis, he read for 20 hours a day to beat him.


Christopher Langan

(IQ: 195-210)

A lot of people say he is the smartest man alive because he taught himself how to read at the age of four.

What's is more fascinating about Langan is that he dropped out of college and worked as a doorman to eventually develop his Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the universe.


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