Jaitley said the Constitution gives freedom to everyone to practice his or her own religion. "Ambedkar's Constitution rejected theocracy and ensured that state won't discriminate on the basis of religion. The state will have no discriminatory attitude, but everyone will have right to propagate their religion. Dr. Ambedkar is not just seen as the creator of our Constitution, but also as a social reformer," he cited while addressing the Rajya Sabha on the second day of the Winter Session of Parliament.

Jaitley further said Article 13 ensures that the fundamental rights which have been given are superior and added there is no law which can overrule it.

"Dr Ambedkar had put Article 13, which says the fundamental rights given are superior and there can be no law that can overrule it. And if there is any old law which says so, it shall not be applicable over this. We still have personal laws across religions which violate fundamental rights," he added.

"The inherent strength of the Constitution lies in the fundamental rights. I believe the core values of our Constitution are expressed in this- equal rights, no discrimination, right to freedom of expression. In the Constituent Assembly, fundamental rights can be suspended if there is any danger to the country," Finance Minister added.

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