Terming Indian Constitution as 'Bible', Jung said it was an organic document evolving with time. Interpretations would be followed by amendments with changed context, he urged.

"This is also right that when it comes to interpretation there is a difference between how the Constitution is and how it should be. Few people may think there should not be any limitation to the powers of the Lt Governor and the elected Assembly. This may be one idea but that requires Constitutional amendments," he said.

Jung was speaking during the launch of a book titled 'Delhi Government: Powers and Limitations' authored by former Delhi Assembly secretary SK Sharma. Noted constitutional expert Subhash Kashyap was also present at the occasion.

Rejecting suggestions of Delhi being a 'special state' or a 'half state', Kashyap cited the national capital is administered by the President through the LG and the Union had 'overriding' legislative and executive powers over it.

"So technically, Delhi is always under the President's rule... so to say it cannot legislate on three subjects would be wrong. Even if it legislates on state subjects the Parliament's writ would prevail in case there are discrepancies with the Union's law," he added.

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