Kolkata: In a blunt message to its ally Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, Congress on Sunday made it clear it will not stay away from making constructive criticism of the functioning of the administration, asserting that "if there is lack of governance, voices will be raised".

"Our objective is to improve administrative decision making and ensure better governance in West Bengal which got itself freed from the tyranny of more than three decades," Congress national spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said.

He was asked about reports of infant deaths and farmer suicides.

"It is obvious that there are deaths of infants and farmers commit suicides on account of poor off take (of what they produce) or physical obstruction in procurement. I think all of us have to join together in raising our voices for improvement in these services," he said.

It was only a matter of "good governance" and it should never be viewed as "negative politics" or in any manner attacks on the government, he said adding "that is not the intention that is not the objective."

On Trinamool Congress alleging that Congress teamed up with CPI-M in criticising the government on farmer deaths, Singhvi said, "I strongly dismiss this. We have jointly come to power in the state and we are with the government."

"If there is lack of governance, voices will be raised and this should not be seen as a political attempt to undermine anybody."

Denying allegations that the Centre was not extending financial assistance to West Bengal, Singhvi said that within a short span of time, the state had been given Rs 7,800 crore.

"Whatever more needed to be done can be achieved by further discussion between the two parties," he noted.