Chandigarh: A local consumer court has quashed proceedings against PGI Chandigarh in connection with a case of alleged medical negligence.

The complainant Manjeet Kaur, a resident of Saholi village in Ludhiana, had filed the case against PGI demanding Rs 10 lakh compensation for the death of her son due to alleged negligence of the doctors during operation.

After the operation, the patient Harbans Singh was paralysed and his parents demanded a compensation of 9.50 lakh with 18 percent interest. Manjeet also demanded from the hospital a sum of Rs 1.37 lakh spent by her on the surgical equipments for her son.

The hospital contended that the complainant’s son was suffering from Rheumatic heart disease, a serious heart disorder, and did not come regularly to hospital for treatment.

The hospital authorities further added that the hospital itself bought surgical equipments and the complainant is lying about the same. It also said that they have adopted the best medical practice in treating the patient but he could not be saved.

The complainant failed to establish her case and did not produce enough evidence about the negligence of doctors.