New Delhi: Reflecting sharp drop in prices of essential food items, inflation based on Consumer Price Index for Rural Labourers (CPI-RL) fell to 4.92 per cent in January from 6.37 per cent in December.
The rate of price rise based on the Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers (CPI-AL) also fell to 5.27 per cent in January from 6.72 per cent in December 2011, an official release said.
On a point-by-point basis, the CPI (RL) index stood at 619 points in January, the same level as in the previous month. The CPI (AL) also remained stable month-on-month at 618 points.
Food index for rural labourers was down marginally by 0.33 per cent on a monthly basis in January.
However, prices of other goods continued to rise. Pan and supari was expensive by 1.45 per cent in January, while fuel and lighting was expensive by 1.15 per cent. Clothing, bedding and footwear were up also by 0.32 per cent.
Miscellaneous items became dearer by 0.68 per cent month-on-month for rural labourers.
In the case of agricultural labourers, food prices went down by 0.50 per cent on a monthly basis in the last month.
But other items became expensive in January as compared to December.
Pan and supari became expensive by 1.22 per cent. Fuel and lighting became expensive by 1.14 per cent and clothing, bedding and footwear by 0.33 per cent.
In January, miscellaneous items also went up by 0.85 per cent for agricultural labourers month-on-month.