Gwalior: Even after the death of two girls, complaints against Gwalior Municipal Corporation (GMC) for supplying contaminated water have fallen on deaf ears.
Taking the issue on to the streets, local MLA Pradumn Singh Tomar has decided to observe fast unto death against the indifferent ways of the GMC.

On Monday, two girls were reported dead in the suburban area Hazira after consuming contaminated water. Local people expressed their anger by protesting against Mayor Sameeksha Gupta.

Many other victims of water borne diseases in Hazira kept visiting hospitals on Tuesday.

However, the GMC ruled out contamination theory as the reason behind the deaths but after the death incident GMC men cleaned the water pipeline in the area.

After the death of two girls, the health department examined the condition of water supply in Hazira and found more than 50 cases of water born diseases in the region.

Earlier, Mayor Sameeksha Gupta had visited Moti Jheel based water purification plant and announced that the water is as pure as that of RO water purifiers.