Google has received 2,540 requests from the Indian Government and courts to remove content from different ventures of Google, such as YouTube, Blogger, Orkut, Google+, between July and December 2012. There figures are 90 percent higher if compared to the figures from the previous reporting period.

“The Google+ URLs were only links to search results that did not identify specific posts that violated applicable law. In response to these requests, we removed one video for violating our YouTube Community Guidelines. We also restricted 47 Youtube Videos from local view, in addition to removing 12 YouTube comments and disabling local access to 3 Blogger blog posts that violated local laws,” Google reportedly said.

India earlier objected to depictions of disputed borders of Jammu and Kashmir but Google did not tone down the content despite a court order.

Meanwhile, the Government of India is reportedly planning to launch 'Netra' - a NEtwork TRaffic Analysis system for Internet surveillance for the Defence Ministry.