Malaysia: Organisations are offering a "contract lover" package to men, whereby they can hire women for a week or even a month instead of merely hours to satisfy their lust, it has been revealed. According to Metro Ahad, the men only have to pay a minimum of RM400 per day and the price could go up to RM6,000 a week depending on the woman’s looks, amongst other things.

Based on information received, the immoral activity is spreading and involves women from Vietnam.
The modus operandi of the syndicates is to receive offers through the phone or Internet.

According to a source named Eddie, many men chose this package as the woman involved was not merely a partner in bed but also an instant girlfriend.

He said the contract enabled the men to bring the women anywhere including shopping, to a nightclub or movies.

“There are some who merely want to show off that they have a beautiful girlfriend. Basically, they can do anything as long as not get married,” a website him as saying.

He added that such “love packages” were popular in Vietnam and had spread to Malaysia. Apart from Vietnam, females from China, Philippines and Indonesia were also said to be on offer.


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